Learn how to read Tarot for you and other. During this course you will learn the 22 Mayor Arcanes (Rider and Marselles), the meanings of each card, different methods and reading styles (Therapeutic, Intuitive, and Predictive).Develop your intuition thru Tarot and practice since the first class. 

All classes are pre-recorded. You will have access to 5 Modules thru Google Classroom. 

Each module will have a combination of Theory Class and Practices. 

Once you finalize each module you will have to complete evaluations, and practices that needs to be completed to have access to the next module.

3 1:1 Classes with the professor that needs to be requested and coordinated.

As a bonus you will receive a complementary module to do a personal development work with the Arcanes.

Available only in Spanish.


Tarot Course Level 1 (Online)


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