A stunning charm! Accompanies your day with the energy of our tarot card charm. Each card has a unique energy which could be an ally for you at different times of your life.

Material:925 sterling silver and plated gold 14K

Charm Size: 17mm (L) x 10mm (W)

Color:Silver / Gold Plated 14


The Sun: The sun means happiness, success and invites you to enjoy life.

Strength: The Strength means empowerment, courage and invites you to act with inteligence.

Wheel of Fortune:The Wheel of Fortune means changes, new cycles and money.

The World:The world means changes, completeness and success. 

The Moon: The Moon means intuition, feminine energy and cycles of life.

The Star:The Star are the new projects, faith, hope and healing.

3 of Swords: The 3 of swords are the heart wounds that need to be healed.

Tarot Card Charm

Handcrafted. Piece may vary in color and form.


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