We invite you to join us at our Monthly Group Reiki Circle  at Veranda Thornton Park.

Immerse in the healing energy with our transformative group Reiki session and Sound Bath. Gather with us to experience the collective energy and healing power of Reiki in a supportive community setting.

What happens in a Reiki Circle? 

The group setting amplifies the Reiki energy, making the healing experience more powerful and profound, combined with sound, breathwork to evoke a state of meditation. Every person will received a personalized Reiki Energy.

Whether you’re new to Reiki or a seasoned practitioner, our group Reiki circle offers a unique opportunity to enhance your wellbeing and connect with others in a meaningful way. Let’s harness the collective energy to heal, recharge, and grow together.

You can bring your own crystals but not required. You can bring your own mat.

Reiki Circle Lead by our Reiki Master Marie

When: Julio 26, 2024

Time: 7:30-8:45 pm

Where: 111 N Summerlin Ave Orlando, FL

Admission: $15.76


Reiki Circle and Sound Bath


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