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Love 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Wellness 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Mudita 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Karuna 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Peace 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Self respect 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Compassion 鈥⒙ 聽 聽 Love


All states find their origin in the mind. The mind is their foundation and they are creations of the mind.
If one speaks or acts with a pure thought, then happiness follows him like a shadow that never leaves him.

Whatever harm an enemy can do to his enemy, or one who hates one who is hated, greater harm can be done by a misdirected mind.

Even lavish royal carriages age. Even the body ages. But the Teaching of the Good never grows old. Thus, the Good remains among the Good.

Better than a thousand verses of useless words, is one with a simple and beneficial line that when listening to it one is serene.


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